Stargirl Trailer from Greg Berlanti Boasts Surprisingly Big-Budget Thrills


Stargirl looks good. As I watched the trailer for the new CW Greg Berlanti-produced DC superhero drama, I couldn’t stop marveling (no pun intended) at its strong visual grammar, its handsome cinematography, its damn color correction! The thing feels like a movie, you know? This is not to denigrate any of Berlanti’s influential, acclaimed work on the current CW-DC-Arrow universe (which includes Supergirl, The Flash, Batwoman, and Legends of Tomorrow). It’s just that sometimes these shows run into the ever-present budgetary issues plaguing network TV, and you can see it reflected in the visuals. But based on this first trailer, Stargirl seems to be a step in a confident, positive direction for the CW-DC universe post-Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Courtney Whitmore (Brec Bassinger) is your typical American high school sophomore dealing with some typical high school sophomore issues. She’s moved to a new city, and her mom (Amy Smart) has married a new man (Luke Wilson). But something happens to her that’s a little more… atypical. You see, she finds herself a special staff that used to belong to superhero Starman (Joel McHale). And wouldn’t you know it, Wilson used to be Starman’s sidekick, and he’s been trying to find a worthy heir to the Star-throne. Can Courtney take on the mantle of Stargirl while simultaneously getting closer to her stepdad?


Image via The CW

The answer, based on the trailer, is a resounding “Hell yeah, and you better believe there’s gonna be some relatable issues along the way, fam.” I got strong Sam Raimi Spider-Man vibes from the high school origin story beats of the trailer, and got strong Guardians of the Galaxy vibes from the brightly colored visual effects present (especially that green house Wilson runs into, ooh I love it!). Plus, original comic creator Geoff Johns created the show and is on the writing staff, alongside an eclectic, talented cast. For those looking for a new superhero show to sink your teeth into, Stargirl looks to be an uncommon delight.

Check out the first Stargirl trailer below. The show comes to the CW in the spring of 2020. For more, here’s our initial intel on Wilson’s casting. Plus, check out the trailer for the upcoming season of Legends of Tomorrow. And here’s our interview with the Crisis on Infinite Earths producers on how it all went down.

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