Outriders Gameplay Preview: What to Expect from the Sci-Fi Co-Op RPG

2020 is shaping up to be another fantastic year for gamers. From the highly anticipated Final Fantasy 7 remake to the Keanu Reeves-starring Cyberpunk 2077not to mention the new consoles PS5 & Xbox Series X—we could see some revolutionary changes to the gaming industry by the end of this year. One game aiming to make an impact is People Can Fly & Square Enix’s new game Outriders. For those who aren’t familiar with Outriders, it is an all new, original AAA multiplayer co-op RPG shooter set in a dark and desperate sci-fi universe.

People Can Fly had a very interesting journey in the gaming industry. Originally established in 2002, they created and developed their first original game in 2004 called Painkiller that caught the eye of Epic Games, which led to them helping Epic port over Gears of War to personal computers. They continued to work with Epic games to co-develop Gears of War 2, Bulletstorm, and Gears of War 3. In 2012, they took their relationship with Epic games to the next level (no pun intended) by being fully acquired by the company and rebranding themselves as Epic Games Poland. Under the new title they developed Gears of War: Judgment. In 2015, the company split from Epic in order to develop their own original IPs again and went back to their original name People Can Fly. Although they split from Epic Games, the two companies continued to work with each other by co-developing the worldwide phenomenon known as Fortnite. Last year at E3, we learned that People Can Fly was teaming up with Square Enix to create a new game —  People Can Fly’s first new original IP in over 10 years.

Image via People Can Fly

Even though the announcement was made at E3 with a teaser trailer of the story, there was no actual gameplay footage nor did we really have any idea what the game would be about. The Collider Games team had the chance to attend the first Outriders press event in Los Angeles, California to get a first look at the gameplay, get new details about the story and much more! We were fortunate enough to take our gameplay home and have put together a supercut of some of the scenes from our time playing.

Outriders doesn’t have an official release date but it is expected to hit stores sometime during the holiday season. We will have more coverage for you from the event and will be on the look out for any news surrounding the game as it drops.

Watch the gameplay footage above and check out some of the specific details we learned from the event below.

DYNAMIC 1-3 PLAYER CO-OP – Play single-player or join up to two friends online in drop-in drop-out co-op as you tackle the horrors of a hyper-evolved planet.

FOUR UNIQUE CLASSES – Create and customize your own Outrider and choose from four unique classes each with its own skill tree to define your own playstyle. Right now they have only revealed 3 of the 4 classes. We can expect to see the last class at a later time.


Image via People Can Fly

Customize and upgrade your Outrider with countless items of mod-able guns and gear, as you leave humanity behind.

INTENSITY OF A SHOOTER, DEPTH OF AN RPG– Outriders’ brutal and bloody combat combines frenetic gunplay, violent powers and deep RPG systems to create a true genre hybrid.


Discover the hostile planet of Enoch as you embark on a journey to the source of a mysterious signal.

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