"Legion" Producer Plans "Alan Wake" TV Series

“Legion” Producer Plans “Alan Wake” TV Series

“Legion” and “Cloak and Dagger” producer Peter Calloway has signed on as showrunner and writer on a live-action TV series based on the well-reviewed cult hit 2010 video game “Alan Wake” which is set-up at Contradiction Films and Remedy Entertainment.

Additionally, game creator Sam Lake will serve as executive producer. The plan is to shop the show around in October with Calloway’s full pitch and that he’s already scored some initial interest from a number of studios.

The game had an episodic structure and followed fictitious best-selling author Alan Wake (Matthew Porretta) on a journey to a small town in Washington state where he hopes to rid himself of prolonged writer’s block.

What follows is an increasingly surreal and Lovecraftian experience that seems to bring the plot from his last novel – which he has no memory of writing – to life in a town where light becomes a weapon. The original game sold 4.5 million copies, but sadly a full sequel was never realised.

Contradiction’s Tomas Harlan says: “‘Alan Wake’ was basically a TV series that was put into a game. That was Sam’s vision. It was influenced by ‘The Twilight Zone,’ ‘Secret Window,’ Hitchcock, ‘Northern Exposure,’ a lot of U.S. television. We plan to work closely with Sam on our this show. Sam is a huge part of this. This is his baby.”

The series will use the original game as a starting point to tell a much bigger story to expand the lore and go deeper into certain aspects than the game did – including utilsing some of the story planned for an unreleased second game.

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