Indiana Jones 5 Could Start Soon Says Harrison Ford

Indiana Jones 5 exists to get delayed. A sequel that perhaps fans don’t even want that much has been repeatedly pushed back and currently has July 9, 2021 date it probably won’t meet. Nevertheless, in a recent interview, star Harrison Ford says that he plans to start in on the sequel soon. Speaking to CBS Sunday Morning, Ford said that he plans to start doing Indiana Jones 5 in two months.

While Ford may start training or preparing in a couple months, it’s highly unlikely that cameras are going to start rolling that soon. A good tell here is that there has been zero casting for any other role. No one else is signed to this movie other than Ford, so unless him and Steven Spielberg are planning on making an avant-garde Indy movie where it’s just Dr. Jones wandering around a jungle and fighting an existential crisis, this film is not rolling cameras in April.

That being said, I believe that filming will begin sometime this year. Spielberg can turn around movies quickly (one of the benefits of working with the same crew on all of his films is that they have a quick rapport), he’s probably already done with West Side Story (which opens in December), so if the script for Indiana Jones 5 is in a good place, there’s no reason this couldn’t come together fairly quickly, but I doubt it’s all going to be in place in two months for production to begin.

As for if we actually need a fifth Indiana Jones, I doubt it. While I think it could be a little fascinating to see an old Indiana Jones, that’s not the movie Disney wants. They don’t want to see the adventurer contemplating mortality or anything remotely human. They probably want something like Crystal Skull—Indiana Jones showing he’s still got it, cracking wise, going on an adventure. Personally, I’d like to see Ford hang up the fedora and leave well enough alone.

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