Baby Yoda Toys Will Be Available to Buy at Build-A-Bear


Quick Q: Would you like a lil’ Baby Yoda of your own to snuggle, do the magic hand thing, and stop from dismantling your spaceship and using as a toy? Yeah, of course you would. Ever since The Child debuted in Disney Plus’ sensation Star Wars series The Mandalorian, that lil’ stinker’s been permeating pop culture (and the armor-covered heart of Pedro Pascal) with his undeniable adorability. Now, thanks to the good folks at Build-A-Bear, it just became a lot easier to bring him home. At the 2020 ICR Conference in Orlando, Florida (via Business Insider), the company announced it will be selling stuffed animal versions of Baby Yoda in its stores — no building required.

“I’m excited to share we will be one of the first companies to provide the digital and internet phenomenon who is trending higher than all the presidential candidates combined,” said Build-A-Bear CEO Sharon Price John, inadvertently dunking on our generation’s tendency to focus on silly pop culture more than serious issues (if I could vote for Baby Yoda, I would). “We now will have The Child, also known as Baby Yoda,” she continued, inadvertently sounding a lot like Werner Herzog from an episode of The Mandalorian. Normally at a Build-A-Bear you, well, build a bear, making a customized stuffed animal. But in this case, Baby Yoda comes already built, as evidenced by John literally holding up a prototype of the Baby Yoda stuffed toy. I got chills just typing that!


Image via Disney

Build-A-Bear ain’t just for children. Much of their recent business comes from older markets, specifically buying tie-in products licensed to official studios like Disney. Thus, offering a Baby Yoda stuffed toy makes a ton of sense for the company; as John said, “We started this process almost with the first episode.” Frankly, this seems to be more forward-thinking than Disney itself, who publicly botched their first round of Baby Yoda-centric Mandalorian merchandise. Regardless, we don’t care how we get a snuggleable Baby Yoda, as long as we can get one. This is the way.

Release details for the Build-A-Bear Baby Yoda haven’t been specific yet, but hopefully will soon. For more on The Mandalorian, check out this other, pretty weird Baby Yoda merch. Also — did you know Taika Waititi knows his real name?

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