2020 Oscars: Billie Eilish Will Give a Special Performance


Billie Eilish did not have anything to do with the five tunes nominated for Best Original Song at the 92nd Academy Awards. The performers that did will all be at the ceremony singing those tunes. But… so will Billie Eilish. And she’ll be performing, too. What, exactly? We’re not sure — the Academy Twitter only referred to it as a “special performance.” And if you’re a fan of Eilish, wanna check her out after winning multiple Grammy awards, or have caught any of her trippy performances on Saturday Night Live, this will make the movies’ biggest night even more engaging.


Image via crommelincklars, CC

Any guesses as to what Eilish will be performing? Well, it’s been previously announced that she’s performing the theme song to No Time to DieDaniel Craig‘s final outing as James Bond. What better place do debut the number for one of Hollywood’s splashiest franchises than one of Hollywood’s splashiest nights? If it’s not that, it could be one of her many acclaimed songs of her multiple-Grammy winning album WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? (for me, it’s “bed”), just as a piece of energy for the often-idling telecast. Or — and I’m just spitballing — it could be a montage of all of 2019’s baddest characters, from the Joker to The Irishman to that peach-loving Parasite family, set to her dominating single “bad guy.”

Whatever Eilish has planned, I’m quite excited to see it. She’s a fiercely talented, iconoclastic, unique performer, one who tends to blend the intimacy of bedroom pop with the raucous energy of genre-blending contemporary theatricality. Will she be performing with the typically on-point Oscar ceremony orchestra? Or taking to the stage in a more stripped down setting, like her Grammy performance? And will we get to hear the new Bond theme a bit early? Tune into the Academy Awards, February 9, to find out.

Check out the official Academy tweet announcing Eilish below — plus, just for fun, her awesome SNL performance of “Bad Guy.” For more Oscar news, here’s a list of eclectic presenters. Plus — who’s at the front of the Best Picture race?

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